MORE needs to be done to prevent illegal fishing after a baby swan became trapped in fishing wire and died.

Berkshire charity Swan Support were called out yesterday (Wednesday, July 8) to Westmorland Park in Bracknell after passersby spotted two cygnets entangled in fishing line.

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Adrian and Peter managed to rescue one of the cygnets which had a fishing hook stuck in its foot.

The young swan was safely returned to its 'anxious parent' who was swimming by on the lake.

Bracknell News:

The second cygnet had drowned and couldn't be rescued.

One resident who witnessed the ordeal said she feels "devastated and sickened to know humans caused this suffering and death."

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous said many residents who use the lake have watched the swan family grow up during lockdown and saw the cygnets when they were a 'few days old'.

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She believes the death was caused by unlicensed fishing and people fishing next to other nesting birds like moorhens and duck chicks.

"Many locals have watched this swan family grow during lockdown since they were a few days old and are devastated and sickened to know humans caused this suffering and death. Many locals have seen unlicensed fishing, people wading in lake sometimes right beside nesting moorhens and duck chicks.

"When are the authorities going to do something about protecting our beautiful park? More out of hours patrols and spot checks are needed."