AN INSPIRING schoolgirl has written a powerful poem with a beautiful message behind it.

Monica Fowles, aged 14, from Bracknell put pen to paper during the lockdown in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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She said: "I love writing children’s books and rhyming books, and although I’m not black, I wanted to write something that could help every child understand that they and the others around them are beautiful."

Monica's poem:

There was once a painter who lived in a small house.

He didn’t have much money and he was quiet as a mouse.

He had black skin and tall legs, but some people would never realise that he was never well fed.

People at the market would turn him away, “we don’t feed people like you” they would say.

And though the painter was hungry and down, there was one thing that could get rid of his frown.

He loved to paint, all day, all night, and he loved to paint things black and white.

Though the people at the market could never see, every colour in the world was very pretty.

The red paint would create a rose and made for very pretty bows! The yellow paint would make the sun shine, and painted a very pretty dandelion.

The green paint would make grass, and made very pretty trees to pass. The blue paint made the water, and a very pretty dress for the farmers daughter.

The white paint would make it light, and make a string to a very pretty kite.

And finally, the black paint would cover the night sky and make the ravens and blackbirds fly.

See, all colours are useful and beautiful, so why can’t when it’s on humans, still be equal?