ALMOST 600 residents have signed a petition calling for better safety measures at a 'dangerous' junction in Bracknell.

The woman behind the petition, Casey Louise from Binfield, wants the signage to be improved to minimise the risk of crashes on the Malt Hill and Hayley Green junction.

She said she witnesses the "aftermath of debris" from car crashes every so often as she uses the crossroad on her commute to Iver Heath every day.

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Since the petition launched a month ago 596 people have signed it calling for the road to be improved.

Casey hasn't formally submitted the petition to the council but since its momentum online, the driver has noticed more bollards and signs put up.

She said: "They may have already seen it as they have put bollards and huge signs up on the crossroads now.

"It's a dangerous junction for vehicles, pedestrians and horses. People think it a straight road and don't stop going from Malt Hill to Hayley Green and visa versa, my partner's dad lives down Hayley Green when he was a child and said there was accidents even then and that was 40 odd years ago."

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She added: "I made the petition because I use the road going straight down the Bracknell road towards Tesco every day and I get nervous when im approaching that junction that someone will come speeding from the left or right. It need either traffic lights, large stop signs or even a mini round about to try catch inconsiderate peoples attention."

When the story was first reported in June, Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) said they have got a safety system in place for the junction.

Neil Mathews, Head of Highways and Transport, said: “We have not yet received this petition through for review, however, I can confirm the planned safety scheme for the Malt Hill junction was completed last week.

"This included the installation of high visibility signage and bollards, all aimed at increasing awareness of this rural junction to drivers who may be less familiar with the area. This scheme was approved by the council’s Executive on 10 March, as part of the Highways and Transport capital programme 2020/21*”