THE LATEST lockdown rules may have thrown this resident's wedding plans 'in jeopardy' while she waits to hear if travelling to her wedding destination in Portugal is permitted by the government.

Kelly Foster, aged 31 and a Bracknell resident, got engaged in October last year in Windsor Great Park. They planned their wedding day to be on the first anniversary of the day they met, in late May.

However due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak earlier this year, this date had to be cancelled.

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Following this, the couple decided to postpone their Wedding until summer time.

They were intending on having the wedding itself formally made in the registry office on August 14, followed by the main wedding ceremony in Portugal on September 1, where Ms Foster's family reside.

However, despite the government's most recent lockdown relaxation of restrictions, allowing UK citizens to travel to countries such as Spain, Italy and France, the country's mainland continues to be an area only permissible for 'essential travel'.

For Ms Foster and her husband-to-be Jack Hurworth, aged 35, this means potentially having to cancel a second wedding plan, causing great emotional and financial stress to the couple.

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Ms Foster said: "We have rebooked our wedding for local registry office August 14 and then plan on having a ceremony with family and friends in Portugal on September 1.

"But that is now in jeopardy if Portugal isn’t on the list and people have to quarantine.

"I'm really trying to have the attitude of 'everything happens for a reason, we will get married and have the perfect wedding when the time is right for it, because i just can't stress any more about it - it's just too stressful.

"We will just make a bigger deal of the legal ceremony here in the UK, with six of us in the UK will be here for when we get married in the office."