ELDERLY residents in Wokingham were delighted to see their families in person again, following a care home's installation of a safe visitors room.

Lord Harris Court care home, Wokingham, had the visitor room constructed so residents could see their families safely in person, instead of only virtually, due to concerns of coronavirus transmission and lockdown rules.

In order to maintain safety, the room has an airtight glass screen in place, as well as making sure residents and visitors use separate doors for entry and exit, with families talking through an intercom system.

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The room is also deep cleaned after each use.

Among the residents thrilled to be able to have visitors again was Margaret Bradley. Margaret was reunited with her daughter Meriel and granddaughter Hannah.

Margaret said: “It was much nicer being able to see my family in person and not on a screen.

"We were able to have a good chat. It has made my week and I cannot wait for our next visit!"

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Meriel, said: “It was wonderful to see Ma, we were all so happy!

"Lord Harris Court has looked after Ma so well throughout the pandemic.

"The new visitor’s room is wonderful!"

Steve Stace, of Lord Harris Court, said: “It means the world to our residents to be able to have their loved ones visit and chat to them.

"In normal times, they are able to have visitors whenever they like, so not being able to do that has been heart-breaking for everyone.

"We’re all looking forward to the day when they can hug each other, but until then, we hope that our new secure room will make it a bit easier for our residents and their families."