THOUSANDS of pounds have been stolen after phone scammers have been reported locally.

Thames Valley Police is warning people to be on guard after one person had £2,000 stolen.

The neighbourhood team in Ascot said the victim believed they were on the phone to one company 'for several hours'.

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It was their son who heard the victim hand over their full bank details and driving licence number.

He ended the call and rang the bank, but £2,000 had already been taken from the account.

Thankfully, the bank was able to protect the account and cancelled the card.

It was also revealed that the victim had a further call earlier, reporting to be from Sky reporting their router was malfunctioning.

To get a new one, the victim was asked to hand over their address and bank details for a £3,000 compensation.

The bank protected the account to avoid any further scams.

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Thames Valley Police warned people to make vulnerable relatives or friends aware of the scam and consider a call blocker phone.

It means all calls will be blocked apart from those on a database of family, friends, and trusted authorities.