THIS resident has written a heartfelt poem thanking key workers, namely waste disposal staff, for their work during lockdown.

The resident, who publishes under the pen name Bob Clyde and living near Winkfield, wrote the poem at the start of lockdown as a thank you for those working during the coronavirus lockdown.

He said: "I wrote a little rhyme about the recycling men while they have been coming round during this Covid-19 situation in Bracknell.

"They were open to criticism if they missed a bin or they don't do something right by residents, but during lockdown they only missed the green bins once.

"In the beginning they weren't sure about their staff numbers, but after that it all corrected itself and they haven't missed coming down the roadways more than once really.

"I wrote a little rhyme on what they've been doing just to thank them really and all the things they do.

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The poem reads: "When the recycling teams come round in lockdown.

"We thank them - from every, city, street and town.

"When we are not aware - the council recycling teams are always there.

"We can sort and separate to reduce our waste every week is what we seek.

"So be a recycling champion and tell everybody you meet.

"Aluminium take away trays - like the dishwashers shiny ways.

"Silver foil into a ball - ready for the recycling teams to call.

"Plastic pots, tubs and trays like a clean - and glass bottles and jars like to gleam.

"Rinse tins and cans from every country brand.

"Show you care- no boxes of air- fold flat is only fair.

"Help the recycling team - means no polystyrene.

"Self isolating - get recycling when you can’t go out cycling.

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"Paper, Junk mail, and piles of magazines - love the recycling teams.

"Containers of deodorants’ aerosols and shampoo - are also collectable too.

"Global warming - is dawning so get your recycling out this morning.

"Stay home - to get it right - visit the council recycling website.

"Stay safe - sweet dreams – bless the council recycling teams."

He added: "There's a few things in there people might not now that they can do. There's information woven into the rhyme on what Bracknell can recycle."