A STREAM that had thousands of litres of chemicals spilled into it last week has been declared as safe by the Environment Agency.

The Emm Brook stream, Dinton Pastures, Hurst, Wokingham, had approximately 8,000 litres of Nutriox, a hair-treatment chemical, spilled into it last week.

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The source of the spillage, about 1.5 miles upstream of Dinton, was identified and the spillage ceased.

Following this announcement, the Dinton Pastures Country Park Facebook said that "The chemical is dangerous to eyes and harmful if swallowed," and "Advice is to rinse well with fresh water."

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Since then, the Wokingham Borough Council announced that the stream has been inspected, concluding that the spill had not affected the Emm Brook.

The council stated on Facebook, on June 26: "The Environment Agency has now confirmed that the chemical spill has been contained on site (where the spill occurred) and has not affected the Emm Brook.

"As a precaution, an Environment Officer attended the Emm Brook and Dinton Pastures Country Park yesterday (June 25), and found no signs of negative impact."