A HOLLYWOOD A-lister has thrown their weight behind one of Bracknell's much-loved arts centres which is under threat.

The financial impact of the coronavirus lockdown has hit the arts and entertainment industry hard - including the town's very own South Hill Park.

The centre has been serving local residents for almost five decades but bosses say the town now faces a future that may not include South Hill Park.

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A fundraiser to support the centre was launched earlier this month and has been backed by Hollywood's Sir Kenneth Branagh.

The actor and director, who starred in Henry V, Harry Potter, and Dunkirk, said: "The arts have the power to transform lives.

"It brings our communities together, reduces social exclusion and isolation, has a positive impact on health and well-being, celebrates diversity, improves learning and education especially amongst the young and contributes to our local economy.

"For so many reasons it is vital that we do everything we can to protect the arts in our community and protect South Hill Park."

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The impassioned plea calls on local people to support South Hill Park and donate to its fundraising page.

A target of £500,000 has been set to secure the centre's future, to help it get back up on its feet after lockdown.

As part of the teams efforts they created an SOS in the grounds of the Park.

Craig Titley, chief executive for the venue, said: "South Hill Park has been serving the people of Bracknell Forest for almost five decades and we have a duty to all residents to continue that work.

"However, the future of the arts in the UK and that of South Hill Park remains uncertain. Some arts centres and theatres have already closed – permanently.

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"When the Government tells us we can once again open our doors it will not be like turning on a tap. At first we will have all the costs but very little income and over the coming months we will deplete all our free reserves that we have built over the past seven years."

To donate to the cause go to southhillpark.org.uk/donate