WOKINGHAM'S town mayor and his wife made a special visit to the town centre's newly reopened retailers, businesses and market traders.

Mayor Councillor Tony Lack and his wife Claire enjoyed a few days in and around the town visiting various businesses.

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The mayor was keen to visit those who have been able to stay open and serve residents over the last few months as well as those returning to work.

Mayor Cllr. Tony Lack said: “It was wonderful to see the Wokingham town market on Saturday.

"The traders were all very positive about the recovery and reported that trading is getting back to what passes as normal.

"We’ve also had some lovely conversations with retail staff during our visits; they often mentioned that they were pleased to be open and to serve the public but also because the act of being at work was preferable to being locked down at home.”

Wokingham’s retailers have adapted their services and offered online shopping and home delivery during the last few months.

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The mayor added: “Our ongoing appreciation goes out to those retailers that have been supporting our vulnerable citizens, and those who work in the caring community, not least the NHS.

"It’s at times like these with the coronavirus that we need our community most. Please join us in getting behind all the retailers and leisure outlets in our town and ‘shop local’.

"Never have those two words meant so much to the town as they do now. If we want our vibrant town back, and to see all the familiar faces and shops, now is the time for action."