MANY things have had to change and adapt in order to minimise the risk of catching Covid-19.

The Lexicon town centre in Bracknell will finally open up a variety of 'non-essential' shops tomorrow on June 15, as instructed under the new lockdown rules.

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The town centre announced their detailed plans on how they will ensure Covid-19 guidelines are met next week.

What are the big changes happening tomorrow?

One way systems

It's simple but the Lexicon is preparing for an influx of shoppers so there will be one way systems in confined spaces like Princess Square and The Avenue car park.

There will be social distancing queues for entering shops too.

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Will there be sanitisation?

The town has had a special electrostatic fogging treatment which releases a fine mist to sanitise key areas to destroy lurking coronavirus and harmful bacteria or mould.

There are also wall mounted sanitising stations throughout the town.

Shopping with families?

People are encouraged to shop alone and parents are asked to keep their children close by.

Essentially, if there's less people, there less chance of catching coronavirus.

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Which shops will reopen?

So far, pharmacies and food stores have remained open during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, jewellery shops, clothes and shoe shops will open.

Shops will also limit the number of customers allowed into the store, so expect to queue.

You can see the full list here