IT has been officially 80 days since the UK went into coronavirus lockdown on March 23.

The beginning of 2020 is not what we all expected as the pandemic quickly spread from Wuhan in the Hubei province of China, where the Covid-19 outbreak started.

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Flights were suspended to and from mainland China and then on January 31, the first two coronavirus cases in the UK were confirmed.

From stockpiling on essential items to clearing the shelves for toilet roll, schools closing to no longer seeing loved ones, the News takes a look back at how the pandemic unfolded in Bracknell.


February 11

Boundary House Surgery in Mount Lane closed unexpectedly after a patient who visited the practise, returned to the UK having travelled through Thailand.

The surgery carried out a precautionary deep clean and closed the surgery to patients.

On that day, a total of 1,358 people had been tested in the UK according to Public Health England.

March 2

Bracknell News:

Great Hollands Primary School closed from 1.45pm and reopened on Friday, March 6 in order to carry out a 'precautionary clean'.

The headteacher took action after a member of staff in a Woodley school that has tested positive for the coronavirus.

March 5

Bracknell News:

Worried shoppers stockpiled on toilet rolls, pasta, eggs, flour and hand sanitisers in Bracknell and Wokingham amid growing fears about the spread of coronavirus.

March 6

Bracknell's first coronavirus case was diagnosed after the patient had returned home from Italy.

March 8

The total number of cases in the Borough was then brought to two on March 8.

March 12

An away fan who attended Ascot United FC fixture tests positive for coronavirus and the football ground closed precautionarynary cleaning.

A total of 5 people across Bracknell and Wokingham tested positive.

March 14

Bracknell News:

Owlsmoor Primary School in Sandhurst sent students home after a pupil had to be tested for the virus.

It came back negative.

March 15

There had been 25 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Berkshire's population of more than 800,000 people.

March 16

A Facbook group called 'COVID-19 Community volunteers - Bracknell' was set up to inspire members of the local community to help those most at risk from the coronavirus.

The group states that they will be trying to help the elderly, those who live alone, have chronic illnesses or are disabled.

March 27

Bracknell News:

Bracknell joined in with the nation on Thursday to clap for carers. The event has since stopped.

April 1

Bracknell News:

A hardworking NHS worker crafted a bright balloon rainbow outside her house in Bracknell to boost morale.

April 2

Boundary House Surgery closes to become coronavirus assessment site

Patients who are registered to Boundary House Surgery in Mount Lane no longer had access.

April 6

More than 70 patients who have been tested positive for coronavirus have died under the care of Frimley Health

73 patients had died having tested positive for Covid-19.

Bracknell News:

April 6

Bracknell News:

A couple from Bracknell finally returned home after being stranded in lockdown Peru.

April 28

More than 20 people from Bracknell died of coronavirus in April.

Deaths in Bracknell Forest were three-quarters higher in April than usual levels as the coronavirus crisis took hold, official figures show.

May 6

Mobile testing unit arrives in Bracknell with a military operation.

May 13

Re3 announced that Bracknell and Reading recycling centres will be reopening.

Some of us would have accrued so much household waste that the thought of going to the tip bring a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

May 18

Bracknell News:

A&E visits plummeted at Frimley Health during the coronavirus crisis, new figures show.

A record low number of emergency visits to hospitals across England were recorded in April as the population stayed away from emergency departments amid the outbreak.

May 21

Bracknell News:

More than 500 people across Berkshire died in hospital having tested positive for coronavirus.

May 29

Frimley Park hospital bosses sent out letters to children of frontline workers thanking them for supporting their parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

May 30

Mobile testing unit returns in Bracknell for the third time carried out by the military

Bracknell News:

June 1

Preparations are underway to sanitise the town centre ahead of 'non-essential' shops reopening on June 15.

June 10

Another person tests positive for coronavirus in Bracknell

Weekly coronavirus death figures outside hospitals falls in Bracknell Forest

June 11

Bracknell News:

Pictures show how town centre has changed for shoppers during pandemic