EERIE pictures taken of Bracknell town centre show how it has changed for shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hand sanitiser pumps have been introduced by Bracknell Forest Council throughout the Lexicon.

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They are located beside shop entrances to ensure people sanitize their hands after entering/exiting shops.

The town centre will use a special electrostatic fogging treatment which releases a fine mist to sanitise key areas to destroy lurking coronavirus and harmful bacteria or mould.

Bracknell News:

Preparations are underway social distancing queues and one way systems in more confined spaces such as Princess Square and The Avenue car park.

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People are also encouraged to shop alone and parents are asked to keep their children close by.

Bracknell News:

Rob Morris, general manager at The Lexicon says: “We are really looking forward to reopening The Lexicon and have been planning extensively to ensure that shoppers feel safe when they return to the town centre. Increased emphasis on deep cleaning and sanitation will be in place together with appropriate reminders regarding social distancing to help make it as safe an experience as possible.