A MAN tried to escape getting arrested by jumping out of his first floor window.

Police posted on social media to report why there was an increase in officers in Bullbrook on Monday, June 1.

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They said a suspect had jumped out of a first floor window to evade getting arrested following a short foot chase.

He was eventually arrested after jumping over garden fences and garage blocks.

Police further reported that they had found a bag of drugs which appears to have been dropped by the offender while he was running away from them.

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They said: "Notice an increased police presence in the Bullbrook area this afternoon? A suspect jumped out of a first floor window to evade arrest and following a short foot chase, over a few garden fences and garage blocks, he was subsequently arrested. Unfortunately for him, we found a little something left behind which has resulted in a further arrest for drug offences.

"Thank you to all the residents who assisted us on our search, and for the kind offers of drinks on what was a hot day to be chasing someone around."