OWNERS of a popular kebab van told to leave their Wokingham patch over drink and drug concerns will make their case to stay next week.

BBQ King has been trading for almost 30 years and more recently sold burgers and kebabs from the car park of Wokingham Youth and Community Centre on Reading Road.

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Kenan Mursaloglu, who runs the eatery, was told in January 2020 his permission to trade at the site would not be renewed.

This comes after concerns were raised about customers smoking cannabis, getting drunk, urinating and littering in the car park.

The kebab boss appealed Wokingham Borough Council’s decision to refuse his licence and he has been allowed to trade near the site while he waits for the appeal to be decided.

Mr Mursaloglu was due to argue his case to continue to sell his meaty-treats until the early hours of the morning at a meeting on Friday, May 1 but the virtual hearing was cancelled.

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The online-only appeal will now take place next week from 10 am on Thursday, June 11.

You can watch WBC councillors come to their verdict here: https://youtu.be/TGKW5lT6kDQ

BBQ King has received a lot of support since it was revealed Mr Mursaloglu could lose his patch last month.

A petitionpleading with Wokingham borough councillors to overturn the decision has reached 4,176 signaturesfrom a target of 5,000.

One resident who joined the campaign wrote: “Outrageous decision to prevent him from trading.

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“They have been there since forever.

“Thumbs down Wokingham Borough Council with stuck up snobby ways.”