A NUMBER of fines have been handed out to drivers over the weekend as part of a police campaign.

From drink-drivers to drivers travelling with four passengers inside breaching lockdown rules, police have had a really busy weekend.

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There has been at least five incidents of speeding in Bracknell and Reading, where drivers have clocked speeds of over 100mph.

We have taken a look back at the polices' efforts to stop people speeding and saving lives.

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1. BMW driver arrested for drink driving and speeding twice over limit

Bracknell News:

Speed enforcement officers stopped the driver in Terrace Road South in Binfield on Monday, May 25.

The car was clocked speeding twice the speed limit and then failed a breath test.

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2.Driver tests positive for drug use with toddler in car

Bracknell News:

Thames Valley Police said the car had been travelling at 109mph on the M4 between junctions 12 and 13 when police stopped the vehicle and performed a drugs wipe test.

The force said a two-year-old child was also in the car, and the driver was arrested.

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3.Reading VW driver overtook police at 122mph while driving to see 'friends'

Bracknell News:

Speed enforcement officers caught the Volkswagen Golf driver between Junction 12 and 13 as the car was driving to see 'friends' in Newbury.

The car also had four other people inside breaching coronavirus lockdown rules.

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4.Driver stopped for taping 'MILLIONS' of pieces of sellotape to make a windscreen

Bracknell News:

Police took to social media to post about the bizarre ordeal after they saw a car with a lot of sellotape on the back.

Instead of getting the rear windscreen fixed, the driver used a million strands of sellotape to piece together a make-shift windscreen.

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5. BMW driver caught clocking speeds of 97mph on motorway with a provisional licence

Bracknell News:

Police stopped two separate cars including a BMW on the M4 between Junction 13 and 12 in Newbury.

Both drivers provided false details and were caught out by a license photo check.

Police said the BMW driver had a provisional license and no insurance and six points.

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