A NEW 4G telephone mast is set to go up near a Bracknell youth centre.

Mobile network giant EE wants to put up the almost-30-metres-tall telephone mast by Harmans Water playing fields, 150 metres from The Wayz youth centre off Calfridus Way.

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The mast would come with three antennas and would be protected by a small compound complete with a two-metre high fence.

Two neighbours have objected to the plan, however, claiming 4G and 5G signals coming from the mast could affect their health.

One wrote: “Absolutely no way do I agree with this phone mast.

“They all start off 4G and before we know it they will be updated with 5G creeping in. Prove to your constituents that this is safe.

“You CANNOT and I do not agree for this to be installed.”

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A planning document from EE suggests the mobile network operator would like to use the mast for 5G, too.

Despite neighbours’ worries, experts say there is no scientific evidence the technology poses a threat to human health.

Earlier this year, The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the body in charge of setting limits to exposure to radiation, updated its guidelines in regard to 5G.

A planning report submitted by EE read: “The government guidelines state that provided a proposed base station meets the ICNIRP guidelines for public exposure, then it should not be necessary for the local planning authority to consider the impacts of health concerns.

“It is confirmed that the proposed equipment and installation complies with ICNIRP guidelines.”

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The planning application is currently being considered by Bracknell Forest Council and no decision has been made yet.

For full details of the plan, enter planning reference 20/00303/FUL at planapp.bracknell-forest.gov.uk