A WOMAN is dedicating her time to get better safety measures in place at a "dangerous" junction in Bracknell.

Casey Louise from Binfield uses the Malt Hill and Hayley Green junction on her commute to Iver Heath every day and has witnessed the aftermath of debris from car crashes.

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She has set up a Change petition calling for bigger stop signs or traffic lights to help make the crossroads safer and prevent crashes from happening.

So far, the petition has reached 102 signatures and Casey will be presenting the petition to Bracknell Forest Council in the coming days.

She said: "It's a dangerous junction for vehicles, pedestrians and horses. People think it a straight road and dont stop going from Malt Hill to Hayley Green and vise versa, my partner's dad lives down Hayley Green when he was a child and said there was accidents even then and that was 40 odd years ago.

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"I made the petition because I use the road going straight down the Bracknell road towards Tesco every day and I get nervous when im approaching that junction that someone will come speeding from the left or right. It need either traffic lights, large stop signs or even a mini round about to try catch inconsiderate peoples attention."

Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) said they have got a safety system in place for the junction.

Neil Mathews, Head of Highways and Transport at BFC, said: “We have not yet received this petition through for review, however, I can confirm the council has a safety scheme already planned for the Malt Hill junction as part of its work plan for this year.

“This was approved by the council’s Executive on 10 March, as part of the Highways and Transport capital programme 2020/21* and work will take place at the earliest opportunity.”

Despite this, many people have signed the petition commenting how "dangerous" they find the junction in Bracknell.

Sharon Holt said: "I use this junction several times a day. A few months ago I was literally one second off having a very serious accident when someone drove a high speed across the crossroads from Malt Hill to Hayley Green whilst I was driving on the Bracknell Road (well within the speed limit) travelling from Tesco direction. Too many people speed these days."

Sue Fidler added: "There have been far too many accidents here."

To sign the petition visit: https://bit.ly/36QjLCn