COMPETITIVE sport will see a return today behind closed doors, the UK government says.

For the first time in almost three months, the 'phase three' guidance paves the way for live sport to return on Monday, June 1.

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Sports like horse racing and snooker will resume while premier league football is due to start on Wednesday, June 17.

Ahead of the governments announcement, we asked our readers whether they are excited for competitive sport to see return.

Here's what Bracknell News readers think:

Patrick Cooper: "Sceptical - but money rules sport these days.Just hope they put in as many safeguards for the players and training staff as possible."

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Celeste Harle: "Absolutely ridiculous. Government banging on about safe distance and stay safe! Yet contact sport is ok? Why would they pass that through as essential, yes people have missed Sport, but i can think of many other things that could have been passed during this time."

Nicholas Jones: "That's right. They need to finish what they can before next season."

Trish Wigley: "Certainly have not missed it!"

Andrew Milnthorpe: "About time! They should just get on with it!"

David Parkin: "Far too soon."

Frank Blasi: "A great idea. With it on TV, I can sleep better during the day!"