A LITTLE boy spent his Sunday morning clearing up other people's rubbish in a park.

The tropical weather over the weekend prompted many people to head to parks to enjoy the hot weather.

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This, in turn, meant lots of rubbish being left behind where people haven't bothered to take it home with them, ignoring the council's advice to take home litter.

Upset by the "sheer volume" of rubbish on his dog walk, Jayden Sable from Bracknell took to his litter picker and spent yesterday morning clearing up South Hill Park.

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He was walking his dog and wanted to clear up the mess following this weekend's hot weather, which saw many people flock to green spaces.

His family friend Terry spoke out on twitter, showcasing Jayden's tremendous efforts.

He said: "This is my friend's son Jayden Sable, this morning clearing up the rubbish left by irresponsible people at south hill park yesterday!

"Jayden has done this of his own back after seeing the sheer volume of rubbish whilst walking his dog."