ALMOST 7,000 people have signed a petition to save a much-loved leisure complex and ice rink to keep it open.

It follows yesterday's announcement from The John Nike Leisure Sport Complex where they are about to start consultations on potential redundancies.

You can read the full statement here

The site in Binfield has been closed since March 20 and the company said they cannot continue to finance the losses of the business due to the financial strains of Covid-19.

Given the shock announcement, a petition has been launched to keep the leisure site going as it has been a key part of Bracknell for more than 30 years.

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A spokesman at John Nike Leisure Sport Complex said: "We are aware of the petition and aware of the crowdfunding hence we are trying to get the consultations started next week. We have to get everyone to nominate a representative. We are going as fast as we can with it so we can start on Monday. Everyone has been informed and it has been all open and honest.

The petition set up by James Rayburn reads as follows: "As everyone knows John Nike Leisure sport complex are going to be making redundancies and potentially closing the rink permanently due to this!

"Please sign this petition to keep the rink open! This venue is used for a variety of events such as ice hockey, pantomimes, etc!"

So far, the petition has reached 6,228 signatures.

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One person commented on the petition to say their boyfriend plays ice hockey there: "My boyfriend plays hockey with the invicta mustangs and we have travelled to this rink for games multiple times (which is much better than ours in gillingham may I add!) Couldn't possibly see this one go!"

Another person added: "My sister has been skating here since this opened and my niece is a coach...closing this facility will have an impact on my family and for all of those who have been using this over the many years for leisure and sport."

The Bracknell Bees who's home is The Hive at the ice rink reassured fans with their own statement following the news.

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A spokesman for The Bracknell Bees said: "We aren’t able to make any further comment until the situation has resolved itself further but our thoughts are with the staff at the JNL Complex who are going through his horrible process, some who have been long-standing supporters of the rinks place in the community."

Visit: to sign the petition