IT has taken a lot of guess work to figure out what is responsible for the mysterious humming noise keeping people awake at night.

A number of residents have got in touch to say they can hear a low-frequency sound and have even heard it for over a year.

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The humming appears to be heard in areas across North Ascot and Bracknell and can only be heard during the night.

Some people have said it could be to do with electricity lines, water pipes, a generator at Ascot Heath School.

Others have also suggested it could simply be the global 'Hum' which only 2 per cent of worlds population can hear and no one knows why.

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The News contacted Scottish and Southern Electricity Network (SSEN) to see if the humming noise has got anything to do with them.

Despite them sending engineers out over the Bank Holiday weekend to investigate, they said they aren't responsible.

A spokesman said: "We have checked our network and any upgrades going on in that area, but cannot suggest any reason why any of our equipment might be responsible for making this noise."

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One woman who lives in Mill Ride near the golf course said she also hears the humming noise.

Lucy Sexton said: "It's like a small plane which flys over your house but constant. It's a real humming noise and I hear it at about 8pm after my two kids have gone to bed and its quiet in the house.

"My partner can't hear it at all, my neighbours can't and only I can. The noise almost feels like a vibrating, it's really odd and I don't know if its my head or not but I have had my ears checked in the past and they're fine so it's definitely not that."

Rebecca Joule who lives in London Road in Ascot also spoke to the News recently after she said she struggles to sleep at night because of it.

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She said: "The hum was horrendous. Saturday night I didn’t sleep at all whereas Sunday and Monday not as bad but lower vibrations.

"My husband doesn't hear the noise only I can. It's weird because I didn't hear it for a while and then in March it came back with a vengeance. Other times it has been so quiet it's non-existent."

Send us your suggestions of what you think the noise might be!