A KEY worker is warning people in the town to be vigilant after his two bikes were stolen last week.

Khalid Senussi from Easthampstead made a report to the police when he realised his mountain bike and road bike worth £500 were stolen.

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It comes after a similar theft happened in the area the week before, when a nurses' motorbike was stolen from her garage which she relies on to get to work.

Mr Senussi, who is a keyworker for mobile network operator Three explained there has been a rise in bike thefts since the lockdown, as more people have purchased bikes for leisure/exercise and commuting to work.

He said: "Bike theft has always been an issue around here but more so since lockdown. It is an ideal time for thieves to get their hands on a brand new bike (my two being part of that) and the demand for bikes is up so I believe they nick them to sell them on.

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"I have been recovering from knee surgery and since the gyms have closed cycling has been the best method of low impact rehabilitation. It has also been a mental release as I am considered a key worker in my line of work and have been working from home the whole time so the time out on the bike is therapeutic for me. "

Police have confirmed they are investigating the theft.

A spokesman from the force said: "Thames Valley Police received reports that two bikes were stolen from an address in Milton Close, Bracknell, at around 10.55am on Sunday (24/5).

"The two bike taken were a mountain bike and a road bike. Anyone with any information on the theft should make a report via the force website or by calling 101, quoting reference 43200153128.

"The investigation has been filed pending further information coming to light."

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The victim is also warning people about the increase of stolen bikes as he claims they are being sold on online on selling sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.

Khalid added: "I know there has been an increase in thefts as I track eBay/Facebook marketplace/Gumtree etc and see so many posts where people have listed their stolen bikes to try deter the thieves from selling there as others who are looking for bikes are more aware that they could be buying a stolen bike.

"The type of garages are blocks that are being targeted where there is little no to street lighting and no CCTV coverage. I know it is a common occurrence that my block has garages broken into frequently."