JOBS could be at risk at one of the town's leisure complex as the site becomes another victim to the coronavirus pandemic.

The John Nike Leisure Sport Complex which is home to Bracknell's notorious ski slopes and ice rink has told the News they are about to commence consultations on potential redundancies.

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It comes as the company cannot continue to finance the losses of the business due to the financial strains of Covid-19.

The leisure complex closed on March 20 due to the coronavirus lockdown and has struggled ever since.

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A statement from The John Nike Leisure Bracknell Complex said: "It’s with regret I am having to send out this statement today.

"The JNL Bracknell Complex operated by John Nike Leisuresport Limited are about to commence meaningful statutory consultations on potential redundancies as the company cannot continue to finance the losses of the business.

"The JNL Bracknell site was closed to customers on 20th March on the instruction of the government due to the COVID 19 outbreak. Over the last few years the JNL Bracknell operation has lost significant amounts of money at the EBITDA level totaling over a million pounds in the last four years. The group has invested capital expenditure of £350k between 1st May 2017 and 30th April 2020 to try to turn the business around, with all the employees and partners trying the best to make the business viable.

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"The increased uncertainly in these unprecedented times, together with an already strained financial situation prior to COVID 19 these risks are compounded by the future capital requirements of replacing the Chiller plant and the Permasnow surface on the main slope in the next 18 months, requiring half a million of capital investment above the normal capital required to keep the site moving forward, has forced us to consider closing the complex permanently.

"Partners and suppliers, I will be calling over the next few days to discuss the situation in more detail. However, we will not know much more until we have concluded the consultation process with our employee first."

The news has taken its toll on members of the Bracknell community after the Bracknell Bees posted the statement on their Facebook page.

One person said: "Hopefully things will work out for all involved. Know first hand how devastating to a community losing a rink can be."

Another person said: "2020 has just got a whole lot worse, I just hope it does not mean the closure of the rink and staff losing there jobs."