A DEDICATED woman and her friend helped clear up over 1,000 glass bottles left behind by 'careless people'.

Tessa Whiston and her friend Eden Canarn posted their hard work on social media to highlight how they'd cleared up after other people's rubbish at the bottle bank off of Harvest Ride in Woodhurst.

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The pair wanted to clear away the bottles after realising how much damage it could do if it was broken and stepped on by children or dogs.

She said: "We were watching the man emptying the bins while walking my dog, then I was going to do our recycling.

"When we saw how many bottles there were on the floor we decided to put them all in. The recycling man gave us some gloves and we felt so satisfied afterwards."

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It said: "Come on guys, when the bins are full please take to Warfield Tesco. Only half a mile away! Eden Canarn and I took over half an hour to put all your bottles in the bin after the bin man had emptied them. If we hadn't, can you imagine how much glass would be on the floor around your kids and dogs!"