SHOPPERS in Bracknell are divided on whether 'non-essential' shops should reopen in over two weeks time.

It comes as Boris Johnson's latest announcement to ease lockdown restrictions and let retailers open up on June 15.

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However, the move will see shops adhering to strict health and safety guidelines to protect shoppers and retail workers.

Many people in Bracknell feel excited from the announcement and some even think shops should have reopened by now.

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Others aren't so warm to the idea and think the high number of coronavirus deaths and infections doesn't warrant shops to reopen anytime soon.

The News asked readers whether they are happy with the move and if so, which shops are you planning on visiting and have missed the most.

Here's what you said:

Louise Ross said: "We'll see in another week if the gradual opening up has any impact and if it does I'm sure they will not allow anything to plan is to wait 2 weeks after each relaxation to let those that are desperate to be out and about to test the waters for me."

Natasha Van Hemelryk added: "So when everyone comes out of the shops they will not socially distance. Why is this necessary! This is for economy because the politicians can only get paid through our taxes! So forget the safety of people as long as they get paid. This is a disaster waiting to happen! According to their statistics its still dangerous. Oh well, let’s just get back to normal and end up where we started! Idiots! Everyone can still shop online!" Andrew Milnthorpe thinks shops should open now: "I'm totally happy. In fact it should be now."

Laura Chidwick added: "The day I can cuddle my Mum or any other family member will be the day I will consider going into the Lexicon."

Belinda Deacon said: "I will give it a few weeks before I go shopping for clothes and other items."

Some residents can't wait to visit shops like Fat Face, Sea Salt and Clarks.