PARKS and green spaces attracted many visitors over the last few days due to the 'heatwave' and relaxed lockdown restrictions.

With that comes more litter and rubbish "chucked everywhere" as beauty spots sees people throw away empty takeaway packets, bottles and even dog poo bags.

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One photo shared by Kerry White shows a litter bin in Lily Hill Park overflowing with rubbish so people have thrown their litter on the floor.

Similar scenes were found in Savernake Park the other week, where empty takeaway, supermarket bags and cigarette buts were left discarded underneath the park bench.

Kerry said: "There are plenty of bins and the keepers do amazing and sorting it but throughout lock down there seems to be more.

"Something needs to be done to look after our parks and support the green keepers. They are there to look after the plants and keep it tidy but they are not there to pick up after us especially when parks are left that way.

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"They put signs up at the beginning of lockdown asking people to take rubbish and dog waste home, no one listened, they just disposed of poo bags in bushes, on trees and even on the bin that was shut."

Bracknell Forest Council posted a tweet asking park users to take waste home with them.


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It said: "Where park litter bins are unavailable or full, please take all waste home with you and do not leave bagged dog waste by closed bins, or fail to pick it up, as this puts other park users at risk. Thank you."

Have you noticed more litter in parks since the lockdown rules were relaxed? Let us know in the comments.