BRACKNELL MP James Sunderland does not think the PM’s top adviser should lose his job after reportedly breaking lockdown rules.

Dominic Cummings, who helped draw up lockdown rules, drove from London to Durham during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in April, an investigation from the Sunday Mirror revealed.

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The adviser claims he did so because he was seeking childcare for his four-year-old son after he and his wife fell ill.

Several Tory MPs have backed Mr Cummings since his actions were disclosed, including Wokingham MP Sir John Redwood.

Despite this, dozens of Conservative MPs have called on Mr Cummings to resign or for Boris Johnson to sack his top aide, such as Wycombe MP Steve Baker.

Bracknell MP James Sunderland exclusively told the News on Monday (May 25) he was “very sympathetic” to constituents’ anger, but stopped short of saying whether he thought the adviser should leave Downing Street.

Mr Sunderland has now issued a further statement, in which he says he does not believe it is right for him to demand Mr Cummings loses his job.

He wrote: “I have been inundated over the weekend with correspondence relating to Dominic Cummings.

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“For those who have rightly followed the restrictions in full, I pay my own personal tribute for this has been the decisive factor in reducing the re-infection (R) rate below one.

“I would, therefore, like to thank everyone in Bracknell, Crowthorne, Finchampstead, Sandhurst and Wokingham Without for your community spirit, selflessness, resilience and dogged determination in fighting the virus.

“Following the press conference, I am now reassured at least that Dominic Cummings has explained his logic and I am sure that we can all sympathise with the actions of a devoted father in wanting to protect his family.

“Whilst I would be unlikely to make the same call myself and appreciate that many do see this as a serious error of judgement, it is not for me to castigate a fellow human being for seeking to do the right thing.

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“But I am also hugely sympathetic to the anger of constituents who have followed the rules, made great personal sacrifices and not been able to meet their wider families.

“To answer the question that many have posed, I do not believe that it is right for me as new backbencher to sanctimoniously demand that Dominic Cummings loses his job.

“Whilst I believe that a wider investigation would help to ease tension and reassure constituents, this is absolutely a matter for No.10 to resolve.

“Given that the country has been through enough in the past few months, it is my view that we should be focusing our time and effort in defeating Covid-19, not hanging an unelected adviser out to dry.

“As your MP [...] I have articulated my views as honestly as I can and you will wish to be assured that I have noted the full depth of your feelings loud and clear.

“You may not of course agree with me but as ever I have promised to be as open as I can and always act in the best interests of the Bracknell constituency.”

The above quotes are an abridged account of Mr Sunderland’s statement. You can read the full statement here: