COUNCILLORS voted on a number of controversial planning applications at a meeting earlier this week — but they weren’t all divisive for the same reason.

While most proposals were contentious because residents did not like designs, others were controversial because they went against the council’s planning policies.

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Here’s how councillors voted on these plans (which can be viewed in full detail by entering the planning reference here) on Thursday, May 21.

Five new homes in Bracknell (planning reference: 20-00126-FUL)

Developers will be allowed to convert a large home on Stoney Road in Priestwood into new homes after the council approved this plan.

Bracknell News:

Four one-bed apartments and one one-bed bungalow will stand in its place.

This proposal was given the go-ahead despite concerns from seven residents about parking at the site.

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Seven spaces will be provided for the five homes and Councillor Dorothy Hayes also suggested the area was too small for the bays allocated.

She said: “We are cramping the whole area.

Bracknell News:

“I have grave concerns this is overdevelopment.”

Her concerns were allayed, however, after it was pointed out there are more spaces at Priestwood Community Centre next door.

Single side-storey extension and front extension at a property in Sandhurst (20-00279-FUL)

If Panic! At The Disco ever fancy a mundane name change, they should go for Drama! At The Planning Committee, because that’s what there was earlier this week.

Councillors voted nine in favour and nine against this plan, which already proved controversial because eight neighbours objected to the proposal.

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Sandy Lane residents argued would be overbearing, would mean a loss of light to the property next door, and would be out of keeping with the rest of the area.

The deadlock was settled after councillor Dale Birch proposed the plan is refused instead, to which a majority of councillors agreed with him.

Bracknell News:

Applicants have already started working on this plan but will now not be allowed to complete the rest of it.

Cllr Birch said: “It is a regret we couldn’t get a site visit because I am sure that members would have seen how prominent the extension would be.

“The permission therefore to extend something that is already large and overbearing and unneighbourly and to some extent inappropriate, is, I think, against policy.”

Twelve homes in Winkfield (19-003430-FUL)

As the News reported earlier this week, a proposal for 12 homes at Moat Farm on Winkfield Lane was attracting opposition because it would mean building them on green belt land in the countryside.

More than three dozen people objected to this plan because of the green belt issue, because of the lack of infrastructure nearby and because it would increase traffic near the site.

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But officers recommended the designs should be approved because the land has already been developed and the new buildings would not have a greater harm on the green belt.

Councillor Tony Virgo did not agree, however.

Bracknell News:

He said: “I think it will affect the openness of the green belt.

“On the balance, this definitely goes against our green belt policies, without a doubt.”

Despite this, councillors narrowly voted to approve the plan, with eleven voting in favour and seven against.

Nine new apartments in Winkfield Row (19-00931-FUL)

No objections were made to this plan, which will see eight two-bed flats and one three-bed home added at Winkfield Park following the demolition of Brockhill House.

Bracknell News:

Councillors were discussing the proposal because officers were concerned it went against the council’s policy of limiting building in the countryside.

Planning committee members did not consider this to be a decisive issue, however, as all 18 voted in favour of the proposal.