A HORRIFIED mum has set up a petition calling for stricter laws after her puppy was "nearly killed" by a dangerous dog.

Rebecca Oliver from Harmans Water, Bracknell was walking her bulldog Dolly home with her two daughters when she claims a pitbull attacked her puppy.

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Following the "horrific" dog attack, she set up an online petition calling for dangerous dogs to wear muzzles at all times and for a strike system to be in place if a dog is prone to being dangerous.

She said: "It was on Saturday afternoon and we weren't even at a park, it was outside my house when a pitbull on an extended lead bolted around the corner and attacked Dolly. The dog scooped her neck in its mouth and started shaking her and the owner was shouting, punching and put his dog in a headlock in order to release her.

Bracknell News:

"My two girls were traumatised and have had nightmares and every time they see a dog they're frightened its going to attack them. It's the fact that it's a dangerous dog, it is illegal and should be wearing a muzzle."

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The mum of two said the veterinary bill was £500 and Dolly's wounds were 10 mm deep. She also had to have two injections and has been put on antibiotics to heal the wounds.

If Rebecca's petition reaches 10,000 signatures then it will be discussed in parliament as she believes dangerous dogs should be put down or the owner should pay any fees to the victim.

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The petition has gained 44 signatures in less than 24 hours and one commenter said: "All dogs should be on leads and knowing you have an aggressive dog you should keep tighter rein on it."

Ms Oliver added: "A pitbull is banned in the UK for a reason. Any dog that is to be aggressive should be muzzled and you know your own dog so you should be a responsible owner. If a dog attacks another dog they should be put down because if they're at that point then they are already broken. I just want more action to be done as it doesn't seem fair at all."

To support her petition click here: https://bit.ly/2XlMMBi

Thames Valley Police has been contacted for further comment.