A WOMAN has spent hours in her kitchen baking hundreds of cupcakes to spread cheer during the lockdown.

JoJo Wright, owner of CJ Confectionary in Bracknell offered to bake the sweet treat to anyone who comments on her social media post - and they are for free!

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CJ has been inundated with hundreds of requests for the cupcakes and more than 800 people in Bracknell said they would love some free cupcakes.

Bracknell News:

She said: "I am testing the water and I am planning on giving these cupcakes away to help put a smile on as much peoples face as I can as cake makes me happy also.

"I have baked over 300 and keep running out of flour, I keep having to run to the shops". 

One woman has requested free cupcakes so her husband can be surprised on his birthday.

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The random act of kindness has been well received within the community and anyone who has requested cupcakes will have to pick up up from her house.

JoJo added: "First off all I just want to thank every for such participation, I was not expecting that much. Please understand I'm trying my up most best to contact everyone as well as look after my household so it wont be straight away but you will be contacted. I will be choosing 40 people per week to collect their cupcakes based on the flavour for that week, i.e banana and vanilla or chocolate and vanilla."

Visit: facebook.com/CJ2020Confectionary/ for more information