A MYSTERIOUS humming noise has been keeping residents up at night and nobody knows what it could be.

North Ascot Residents Association (NARA) has launched an 'investigation' into what the humming could be that is keeping people awake.

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The investigation was initiated by Rebecca Joule on Facebook group Ascot Gossip Girls, after she couldn't sleep at night due to hearing a constant humming.

Many people have suggested the noise could be to do with the large green box inside the entrance of Ascot Health Primary School as it contains a generator but this is only an idea.

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NARA claim the overnight humming sound can be heard by residents living in Mill Ride, suggesting there could be moer than one source of this type of mysterious noise.

They said: "It has been suggested that the source of this noise might be the large green box inside the entrance of Ascot Heath Primary School. The box contains a generator that stores electricity in batteries overnight. This provides a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) backup for the school computers. Ascot Heath School staff consulted neighbours before installing this generator some years ago, but some neighbours are irritated by the overnight hum.

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"Other neighbours cannot hear it so there must be a wide range of sensitivity to this kind of low frequency sound.

Last year, the Guardian reported on a person called Philip Jaekl who said they could hear The Hum.

They quote: "Up to 4% of people around the world are thought to hear the strange, low-pitched noise. Its actual source is unknown, though many hearers are in urban areas, suggesting it could be some form of noise pollution."

Have you heard of the strange humming noise in Ascot?

The association is asking residents to contact Rebecca Joule on Facebook if they can suss out what is the noise that is bothering people at night.