ELDERLY residents in isolation who are missing their families were cheered up with a surprise social distancing visit.

Julie Chaplin and Donna Corney-Gibbons who work at COATS Centre in Crowthorne as care staff, decided to use their daily exercise to pay a visit their usual members.

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They spent the morning cycling around the village surprising residents who would usually be spending their time at the day centre but can't because of the lockdown.

David Wilson, member at COATS, said: "The COATS Centre for seniors in Crowthorne is closed until further notice due to the covid-19 epidemic. All of the regular visitors have been in isolation in their homes or with their families for more than eight weeks and are missing their friends and the staff at COATS."

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The pair even lead a chorus of Happy Birthday to one of their regular members with a number of residents at Copenhagen Walk.

David added: "If the good weather continues, they plan to do this on a regular basis. Unfortunately at the end of the visits Julie suffered a puncture and had to walk the 2 miles to her home in Sandhurst."