‘THE OLD theatre’ in Sandhurst is set to be turned into nine new apartments.

Liberta House, on Scotland Hill, could be converted into the new homes if developers Inspire 4 Design Ltd get planning permission.

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According to a planning statement, ‘the old theatre’ was built in 1895 but since the 1970s it has been used for light industrial works.

The site is currently vacant, however, and now developers want to add one two-bed apartment and eight one-bed apartments in Scotland Hill.

Bracknell News:

Back in October 2019, ‘the old theatre’ was added to a list of important buildings created by Bracknell Forest Council.

The purpose of this list was to give special planning protection to the nominated buildings, making it more difficult for developers to change sites with archaeological or historical interest.

Liberta House was shortlisted for its artistic distinction, but not its historical interest.

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When BFC consulted on its local list, the owner of Liberta House expressed concerns the site was “of little architectural interest” and only the front of it should be included.

Bracknell News:

But the council’s planning boss dismissed this claim and included the entire site on BFC’s list.

Despite this, developers submitted an application for nine homes to BFC in April.

The homes would come with a kitchen, sitting room and bathroom or en suite, and in some instances, a separate dining room or a gym, too.

Parking would be added to either side of the building, meaning the existing crane and delivery hatch would be demolished to make way for the spaces.

Bracknell News:

A statement from developers read: “Whilst Liberta House is a non-designated heritage asset, the development will not result in an adverse impact on the architectural interest of the building.

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“It will be beneficial to the residential character of the area and will provide a suitable level of amenity both for neighbouring residents and future occupiers of the apartments.”

BFC is currently considering the application.