A GENEROUS mother who felt inspired to help the NHS after seeing videos of nurses crying outside supermarkets has had her life changed for the better.

Georgie Tindall from Ascot posted on her local Facebook community page about sending her four-year-old daughter Frankie to stay with her parents as she has asthma and Georgie as a single mum had to keep on working.

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Feeling empty after leaving her child behind with her parents, she decided to do a food delivery to Frimley Park Hospital as a "distraction" and has since worked hard in her community to help people during the coronavirus crisis.

She said: "I was feeling sorry for myself, so after seeing video’s of nurses crying outside supermarkets, I decided to put that first post up about doing a food delivery to FPH. The perfect distraction from the empty feeling I had being away from my child. I honestly thought at the time it would be one delivery, I never thought we would end up achieving so much as a community."

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There has been 'no stopping' Ms Tindall as she has been collecting food and essentials and delivering to GP surgeries, distributing PPE visors to hospitals, making up care packages with cosmetics and toiletries.

As a thank you from her community, four women in Ascot decided to set up a fundraising campaign as Georgie's wish was to take her daughter to Disneyland Paris.

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Honor Ryan from Ascot said: "As more and more of the community have got behind her she has become our Champion of Ascot People.

£So many members started to message me to say that six weeks in we should do something for her to show our appreciation and thanks for all she is doing and the personal sacrifices she is making every day. A friend of hers said it is a dream of hers to take her daughter to Disneyland Paris and has been for years so we wanted to make it come true."

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The community group admin removed Georgie from the page so she couldn't see what was happening and then when they had raised enough money, Georgie was surprised by how the community had banded together to over £4,000 for her.

Her friend Nicola Brown said in the video: "Looks like you could be going to Disneyland Florida now instead.

"I was so honoured to be the one to tell my wonderful friend what the members of Ascot People had been up to.

"I am so proud of her, she is simply amazing. Her kindness and will to help others has inspired so many people to come forward and do what they can to support those working on the frontline. From all us I want to say thank you Georgie, we love you."

To donate visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/disneyland-paris-for-georgie-and-frankie?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet