A WOKINGHAM company has decided to step up and help in the fight against coronavirus in a way you might not expect - by providing scientists with sticky labels for the latest clinical trials in the UK.

PRISYM ID, a label and artwork management firm based in Wokingham, have launched a labelling solution available to pharmaceutical organisations, designed to make clinical-label printing quick and easy.

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Warren Stacey, SVP of sales at PRISYM ID, said: "To support the life sciences sector’s response to Covid-19, PRISYM ID is offering a cloud-based, ready to use version of its clinical trials SaaS labelling platform including

a pre-validated pack with industry standard print processes.

"It is fast to onboard, needs minimal IT input to set up and provides certainty to the market in these uncharted times.

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"With the life science industry working at exceptional speed to run trials and accelerate the speed at which they come to market, labelling may be something of an afterthought. Yet it is critical to the process.

"Our solution offers clinical researchers an off-the-shelf platform that’s fit for purpose, validated and secure."

To find out more about what the company does, visit prisymid.com/.