A HOSPITAL worker feels humbled by the 'incredible' support from the community after finding herself in a very unfortunate situation.

Amy who is a radiographer at Frimley Park Hospital describes her job on the frontline as she has to take x-rays of patients who may have Covid-19.

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While working for the NHS, she found herself "at a complete loss" after being made homeless during the coronavirus outbreak.

After posting on a local community group asking for a spare room and help, hundreds of people replied offering rooms, mobile homes, a camper van and even care for her beloved dog Gracie.

She said: "People even posted on other Facebook groups about me to spread the word.I wanted to give my INCREDIBLE community the recognition it deserves - all these amazing people banded together to help me, and have offered to open their homes to someone who could potentially let in the virus.

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"I have never been so in love with a community I’ve lived in. It moves me to tears just thinking about it."

A midwife got in touch through Facebook to offer Amy a place to stay with her husband two twin girls and a man from Camberley offered Amy to a spare room at his five bedroom house. Amy has since moved into a home in Blackwater with a couple who's husband is retired and the wife works in community outreach, providing support for vulnerable members of the community.

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The 23-year-old added: "I felt really alone and unsupported, especially now when there’s no option to go stay with a friend or in a B&B. I felt like I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

"When I saw the messages starting to come in and the comments start to pop up I cried. I all of a sudden had all these generous and supportive people all around the area offering me love, kind thoughts and accommodation. I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt more positive and like I wasn’t in such a desperate situation."