LIFE in lockdown has proven to be quite fun according to a few residents living in Bracknell.

It is fair to say that staying indoors doesn't have to be so boring as people have found ways to keep entertained.

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The Bracknell News has had a pleasure watching heartwarming and positive videos sent in by readers over the past couple of weeks, trying to stay happy during the coronavirus pandemic.

So we've put together a list of all the must-see content from Bracknell - for your entertainment!

Bracknell News:

1. DJ plays live music to thank NHS during clap for carers

Local Crowthorne DJ Darren Latimer wanted to spice things up on his street for the Thursday's Clap for Carers.

Instead of just clapping outside his house, Darren held a DJ set to get people dancing and threw in some strobe lights too.

Watch the video here

Bracknell News:

2.Italian restaurant create 'hilarious' video to promote takeaway service

Giovanni and Gianluca Suppa who own an Italian restaurant in Bracknell are lifting people's spirits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the hilarious video here

Bracknell News:

3.Binfield neighbourhood party outside homes

Families in a street in Binfield have been assembling outside their homes every Saturday morning for some "socially-distant" dancing.

Liz Hall said: "It really lifted our spirits. It was lovely to see so many of our neighbours with smiles on their faces, all at a safe distance, obviously!"

Click here to watch the video

4. Estate Agent promotes people staying at home with Madness

Bracknell News:

A brilliant video edited together by a 13-year-old, promotes people staying inside during the coronavirus crisis.

The team at Duncan Yeardley created a video around the theme of 'your home is the safest place to be' at the moment.

Watch the video!

Bracknell News:

5.New Scotland Hill Primary and Nursery staff create 'toilet roll challenge' video to make pupils smile

Staff at a Sandhurst school made an amusing video to let pupils know they were thinking about them.

Watch the video here