SOCIAL distancing has meant a lot of events have had to be scrapped recently — but the Easter bunny still found a way to keep up a new tradition in Ascot this year.

For the past two years in North Ascot Christina Grogan and the team at Ascot Heath Primary organise an annual Easter wreath hunt to raise funds for the school.

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Typically children from the school would walk around with a map and vote for their favourite wreath.

But due to the lockdown restrictions in place this year, pupils were only able to do this during their daily exercise allowance.

To raise the spirits of those taking part, the Easter bunny joined the children on their hunt for the wreaths from the safety of her chauffeur-driven convertible car.

One local resident said: “My children were absolutely thrilled to see the Easter bunny drive down our road.

Bracknell News:

“It was wonderful to see our neighbours as the whole street came out and stood on the pavement.

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“We are very grateful to the organisers and hope this can become a North Ascot tradition, hopefully under different circumstances next year.”

The festive favourite visited children on Saturday, April 11, to thank them for taking part.

Bracknell News:

Children and parents are still voting for their favourite wreaths and the winner is set to receive a trophy.

Another North Ascot resident, Tracey, from Asher Drive, added: “The look on my son and daughters' faces when the 'easter bunny' came round to our street was priceless.

“They truly believed it was the Easter bunny.

Bracknell News:

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“Our neighbours, some of whom are elderly and live on their own, were out taking pictures and mentioned to me after how much it lifted them and put a smile on their faces in such tough times.”