THIS is the heartwarming moment a 100 year old resident in Sandhurst received a special birthday surprise.

Winnie Wooledge turned 100 years old today (April 15) and staff at the independent living scheme, Broadway House, where she lives have surprised her with her family and friends. 

Staff, some residents and members of Winnie's family gathered in the scheme's garden (2 metres apart) to sing happy birthday to Winnie who watched and danced from her flat window.

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Winnie could be seen holding a card from the Queen outside of her flat window as she smiled to everybody in the garden.

She said she received the card four days ago but didn't open it until today. 

A colourful banner was held up which read: "Happy 100th Birthday lovely Winnie! From all of us at Broadway House xx" and another banner which featured a picture of Winnie could also be seen.

Bracknell News:

A birthday party had been planned for Winnie before the coronavirus outbreak but this had to be cancelled. 

Karen Thomas, the scheme's manager, said: "We didn’t want her day to go without some sort of fanfare."

She added it's "not every day you're 100!"

Mrs Thomas described Winnie as "a real pleasure to have" as a resident. 

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She said: "She’s so happy, she’s always positive and her family have said they are just delighted she moved here when she did.”

Bracknell News:

Winnie's daughter-in-law, Sandra, described the celebration as "lovely".

She said Winnie was "delighted and surprised" and wasn't expecting to see anybody.

When asked the secret to a happy and long life, Winnie said it's about contentment.

She said she's had a "very happy life" including a "nice childhood" and a "very happy marriage".

She added: "I'm just a happy person I suppose!"

Despite the lockdown, Winnie enjoyed her birthday celebrations saying you have to "make the most of it" adding it's "no good grumbling about ".

The family is hoping to arrange a party for Winnie later in the year to celebrate after lockdown and Winnie said she is looking forward to it.