A COUPLE have finally returned home to Bracknell after being stranded in lockdown Peru.

Sian Worley and her boyfriend Ryan Thorp first spoke to the News following a national campaign dubbed #UKstuckinPeru, which connected them with other travellers who are stranded in the South American country during the coronavirus crisis.

Since then, the pair from Challis Place in Bracknell landed on Tuesday, March 31, after an "anxious" and tiring experience waiting to hear if they will ever be able to get a flight home from Cisco, Peru to London, Gatwick.

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They have since arrived in England where they are adjusting to life in the coronavirus lockdown.

Sian said: "Upon entry in Cisco we had our temperature taken and was directed to stand in a queue. We had to put our bags on the floor and stand back whilst the sniffer dogs went up and down and sniffed our bags. Once finished we were instructed to pick up our bags and stand in another queue to go into the airport building.

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"When Ryan and I got to the desk to get our boarding pass, we were told to one side. I asked an embassy personnel why we had been asked to one side, he explained that our names weren’t on the system. After sometime we started to be called back into the airport. Ryan and I were the last two of the last six to get on the plane. From here we took off promptly, and arrived at Lima airport."

The couple explained how thorough and comforting the British Airways staff where on the flight, despite having to wait three hours before take off.

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She added: "The flight had limited service, but we were given snacks and drinks. It was a pretty normal flight to be honest. The BA staff were very helpful and friendly despite the fact they themselves were potentially putting themselves at risk.

"We landed at Gatwick around 11:15am on Tuesday 31st March. Our friend from Essex picked us up and we’ve been self isolating at her place until our flat becomes available on the 14th April.

"We’ve been catching up on rest (jet lag kicking in, adjusting to the lockdown and self isolation in England) along with contacting our insurance company which we’ve had no success in speaking to them. "