OPPOSITION to plans for 300 homes and a primary school in the Warfield countryside is growing. 

Over the past two weeks, the News has revealed more details about the controversial designs as they emerged. 

A statement from the developers suggests the scheme “demonstrates how high-quality development can be delivered at Warfield

“The proposals deliver much-needed housing and a primary school which respond sympathetically to the existing landscape structure.”

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Now residents have had a chance to come to terms with the plans, some are telling Bracknell Forest Council how they feel about the proposal -- and many don’t agree with the developer’s assessment of the designs. 

Here’s what Warfield’s locals -- and a few others from other parts of Bracknell Forest -- have had to say. 

One wrote: “This is disgusting! This area is one of the few remaining green spaces this side of town. You just keep building with no consideration for the people that already live here.

Bracknell News:

“It's just not right, we don't need any more people in this town, the GPs can't provide a decent service already, there are already many cars around in that area, and another school will just increase congestion again.”

The site is almost 14 hectares large and is part of the Warfield strategic site allocation, meaning the land has been earmarked for development. 

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The green space is located east of Old Priory Lane and west of Maize Lane. 

A local added: “I moved here 3 years ago as it was much quieter then with lots of green spaces... now it's traffic, traffic, traffic noise and building more houses.

“Where is the wildlife going to live if you continue to build and build on our green spaces? It's a total joke.”

Almost three hectares of land has been allocated for public open space but some residents prefer to see the countryside kept as it is. 

Bracknell News:

A member of the public from Bracknell added: “I feel that more housing being constructed in this area would take away further precious green spaces for people to enjoy.

“The more houses we also build in the area also carries a great risk of pollution and the green areas won't be able to help filter that out either making a further problem for the whole community.

“Why should we deprive the local area of this precious landscape for further homes.”

The homes would be a mix of 2, 2.5 and three-storey homes ranging in size from one-bed to five-bed.

Most of the properties would be three-bedrooms and a quarter of them would be affordable, but one resident said these were not needed owing to the other developments going up nearby. 

They wrote: “There are currently multiple new build sites in our quaint Warfield that have not sold entirely, therefore, the demand for these homes is not there. 

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“The build would be disruptive for us and other members of Bracknell.”

The site would be accessible from two points: one via a priority T-junction from Maize Lane, which will be upgraded and widened, and from a staggered T-junction on Harvest Ride.

Bracknell News:

But some people don’t think this plan has been thought through. 

One commented: “Harvest Ride is a 40pmh speed limit, with no traffic calming measures. 

“Having another similar junction only meters apart presents a huge risk for vehicles turning right at both junctions. 

“It also creates risks for pedestrians. The traffic to construct the site will put a burden on the already poorly maintained local roads.”

Despite several comments submitted to BFC which are against the proposal, one resident, from Sandhurst, commented in favour of it. 

They wrote: “We need more housing in Bracknell. Too many people [are] losing out.”

The plans are still being considered by Bracknell Forest Council.