FLY-TIPPING. It’s annoying, unsightly, and costs our local authorities a lot to clear up. 

That’s why many readers were disappointed to see our report from earlier this week that more people are dumping their waste on public footpaths and pavements during this difficult time. 

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One resident commented: “Pick it up, people.”

“Stop being like this, we need to comply at this moment.”

A social media post from Bracknell Forest Council showed a collage of pictures taken by the authority’s waste team in the last two weeks where rubbish had been dumped. 

Now Bracknell News can reveal the parts of the borough where fly-tippers shamelessly left their waste for hard-worked council staff to clean up. 

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Birch Hill

Bracknell News:

BFC’s waste team picked up these discarded bin bags filled with rubbish near Lydney, a road near Birch Hill in Bracknell. 

Bracknell News:


Bracknell News:

Several bags of waste, cardboard pizza boxes and dozens of bottles were left for someone else to clean up at an Owlsmoor recycling spot, near Sandhurst. 

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Bracknell News:

Poles, bags, netting, containers and other bits of plastic rubbish were chucked out by a fly-tipper by Ambarrow Woodland near Maybrick Close. 

Bracknell News:


Bracknell News:

More plastic rubbish, children’s toys, a stereo and several other small bits were dumped in a ditch between Westhatch and Wellers Lane in Warfield. 

Bracknell News:

Savernake Lake 

This one isn’t fly-tipping, but it’s still a sad sight to see. Savernake Lake near Crown Wood is blighted with bottles, bags and cans.

Bracknell News: