A KIND-hearted dad has created more than 30 ear protectors to help NHS workers suffering from wearing coronavirus face masks.

James Green who lives in Temple Park, Bracknell put his 3D printer to good use by printing about 40 plastic ear protectors.

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Normally, he just uses his 3D printer as a hobby but he thought he would turn it into something to help the NHS during the pandemic.

The father-of-two said: "With all the hard work and sacrifice our NHS workers are giving I just wanted to use something I was good at to try and help in some small way.

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"I started yesterday and have given away about 40, but am going to keep going until I have no more plastic."

Since starting on Tuesday, April 7, James has had NHS workers request to have one and kind members of the public offer to take small batches to local hospitals.

The project manager added: "NHS people have requested one for themselves and have

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also said if I manage to make more they’d take them to the hospitals for me.

"Even if individual requests dry up, I have had some people offer to take small batches to local hospitals."