HERE'S an opinion piece on how Bracknell has been coping with the coronavirus lockdown, sent in by Mark John.

"In the last fortnight on We Love Bracknell I’ve seen fear and confusion, anger and compassion but now I think it’s time for a bit of calm and a reflection.

"I think we need to take a deep breathe and recognise the majority of us are doing great at stopping the spread.

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"The roads are quieter, the shops are way better than they were, nearly all of us are indoors except when we need to be. People are rightly getting really angry at the selfish idiots and the minority of youngsters being s**ts — but try not to despair when most of us are working together and getting this right.

"I have noticed some people starting to get irritated with so many bossy posts on the internet. I can empathise, because there are better ways to get the message across than shouting and swearing.

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"But the way I look at it, imagine your mum or dad was one of those statistics we see rocketing every night. You would look at those bossy posts in an entirely new way. Now all that’s important is we need to keep this effort up."