A CONCERNED NHS worker has hit out after spotting a group of people reportedly flouting social distancing rules.

The resident from Bracknell, who wishes not to be named, noticed the group in Hanworth sat together around a bench during the coronavirus crisis.

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She said: "I felt angry and thought come on people get a grip.

"I also pointed out that it would be better if they were walking and not just loitering, at least it could be classed as exercise. One of them I was told ‘had come up from Guildford to see us’

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"Even when I told them that I work in the NHS it didn’t make any difference."

The NHS worker said she also spotted a young group of teenagers stood together and she was told 'we haven’t got it [Covid-19] and we don’t care’.

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She added: "I was given the same response when I put a scenario to them, suggesting that they could have Covid-19 and if one of their parents worked as a carer for a vulnerable high-risk person, they could pass it on to and be responsible for more deaths."

There have been 2,921 coronavirus deaths in the UK and 33,718 positive cases.


The UK has been into lockdown for nearly two weeks now and people have to stay inside their homes are only allowed out of the house once a day.

Police also have special powers to fine people who are outside for 'non essential' reasons. Groups of more than two people will be fined if they are not from the same household.

Police also have powers to question you if you're outside.