HUNGRY swans have been causing mischief during the coronavirus lockdown and it's all for a very concerning reason.

Gone are the days of ripping up pieces of bread and feeding the ducks as less of us are now outside during quarantine.

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Berkshire charity Swan Support have "never been busier" as they rescued four birds alone last week.

Rex and Rosie were rescued by the charity from North Lake in Bracknell after injuring themselves on "illegal" netting.

Wendy Herman said: "Things have changed and its very busy since the coronavirus started, just today we had to rescue two swans from North Lake as their legs were badly injured from netting.

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"We believe it was because of poachers who put lines in the water, the swans then get trapped in the hooks.

"We were also called by the police yesterday as there was a swan walking in the road in Bracknell and one in Maidenhead. The swans are definitely getting hungry."

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The charity explained how swans are used to being fed in "big flocks" and now there are less people feeding them "they are going hungry".

Ms Herman added: "I do know they are not getting fed as much as they used to being fed. If you pass a lake or a river with wildlife on it please feed them with a couple of bits of bread or something."