A HILARIOUS photo of a dog walker dressed as a dinosaur was captured last week.

The image snapped by Lisa on Twitter shows a person walking their dog in Clifton Road in Wokingham.

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She said: "I laughed, thought it was funny but happy that there is so many people out there doing so many amazing things for the community and he should be proud of himself for doing just that.

"Bringing smiles to worried faces across the community."

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As the roads are empty due to government lockdown measures, the image shows a random person in a costume and it got people laughing.

What are you getting up to in self-isolation to spread the cheer?

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How are you keeping entertained?

We want to know what you're doing to keep entertained during self-isolation? Perhaps you're making up funny dances, starting that puzzle you received at Christmas or maybe you're also dressing up in a dinosaur costume - we want to know!

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