A WOMAN signing up to be an NHS volunteer responder during the coronavirus crisis has criticised cyclists for breaching government lockdown rules.

Zoe Yates from Bracknell spoke out on a public Facebook page after seeing three cyclists in Swinley Forest, next to a sign which says 'no cycling'.

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The Bracknell resident explained how the restrictions are in place to ease pressure on the NHS.

She said: "I think it is selfish as the crown estate have asked people not to cycle, I assume to reduce the chances of an accident as it would add additional pressure to the NHS if an accident did occur.

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"Some of the riders were deep in the woods meaning it would be difficult for emergency services to locate and help them if they did have an accident."

People are still allowed to walk in Swinley Forest in order to get their daily exercise.

However, Zoe says people should "respect" the rules and not cycle in the forest.

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Nick Day, head of engagement for the Windsor Estate, said: "We know how much members of the public enjoy fresh air and exercise in the Great Park and Swinley Forest but it has became apparent to us that keeping huge numbers of visitors safe through social distancing is no longer possible. With the coronavirus crisis ongoing, we are tkaing this step to limit numbers in the Great Park and Swinley Forest and help keep people safe.

"There is no cycling permitted in Swinley Forest until further notice. There is no parking and penalties for illegal parking on surrounding roads will be enforced by local authorities and the police."