THIS will be the first weekend where we are under lockdown because of the coronavirus crisis.

Last Monday, the Prime Minister announced that everyone must stay indoors to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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We all know that this means we are only allowed to leave the house once a day to go to the supermarket or for exercise.

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However, a Bracknell man pretending to be a road on Twitter has said there is still a lot of traffic on the roads noticing 20 cars go past in one minute.

So we asked readers if they think there are still too many people out despite the advice to stay indoors to help 'save the lives'.

Out of 161 votes, 84 per cent said they have noticed a lot of people out and about in Bracknell.

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Despite this, 16 per cent said they have hardly seen any cars out on the roads.

Bracknell News:

The man behind Twitter account Warfield Road A3095 said: "Traffic Count on Sandy Lane Junction at 14:45 within 1min, northbound: 17 and southbound: 19. "Quieter than normal but still seems too busy for a lockdown, lots of keyworkers? Thinking face #COVID2019".

Note: This article previously included an image of a family from the local area. There was no suggestion that the people pictured were breaking lockdown rules. However, the image has since been removed to avoid confusion. We apologise for any confusion this may have caused.